Let’s Talk: I Took My Dog To Work!

Hi All!

So, it’s not everyday that you get the opportunity to take your dog to work…

But I did!

To celebrate the Chinese year of the Dog, my work decided that it would be an awesome idea to invite 8 dogs to come into work for a day. For those people interested in bringing their furry friends along, all they had to do was nominate their dog, meet a selection criteria and get managers approval! The dogs were drawn at random, from an online generator form and…

Mana was chosen!

Then… I freaked out.

I think most people get excited about the thought of having their dogs with them at work; obviously because we miss them like crazy at work (and probably feel a bit guilty at the same time), but then when the realisation sinks in that they’re actually going to spend a whole day with you – it’s a bit daunting.

Firstly, you can’t act like how you act with them while you’re at home. At work, you’re a completely different person, so no cutsie, high-pitched voices, winding them up about seeing a cat, letting them sit next to you on the couch – the list goes on. You have to be disciplined to be disciplined with them, if you get what I mean. Like with a child.

Which brings me to number 2. Dogs are very similar to kids. You’re constantly worrying about them. Even when you’re working, you’re thinking about them and wondering if they are ok and they aren’t bored. The last thing you want is for them to be whining and causing a ruckus in front of your colleagues.

And thirdly, even though your dog may be house-trained, you’ll always be worried that they might ‘relieve themselves’ inside the building. Sometimes, a smell is all a dog needs in order to mark their territory. And that can be really embarrassing.

Luckily, Mana was on her best behaviour and everyone loved her.

She was a bit overwhelmed in the beginning, as she got to meet the 7 other dogs who were also coming to work for the day, she also walked through a big, sterile building, go in a lift for the first time and finally, come to my desk, where she spent the whole day. She kept jumping on me for comfort but she eventually settled down, once she realised that we were going to be there for a while.

Mana, once she settled in (she loves to smile)

Alot of people came to visit her throughout the day, but she wasn’t too phased. I even caught her sleeping on the job a couple of times! But I didn’t mind at all. She loved staying under my desk – my guess is because it was nice and cool, rather than being out in the open in the fluorescent light.

Almost looks photoshopped, doesn’t it?

I have to say, I was very proud of her. I was going to work for half a day because I wasn’t so sure if she could last the day, but I ended up working the full day because she was very well behaved.

As much as I loved her coming to work with me, I know that that opportunity probably won’t ever happen again. I am truly grateful to my work for even letting her in the building, let alone staying with me all day.

I did hear that some of the other dogs were causing a bit of a commotion by roaming free throughout the building, so I guess I’m happy that Mana doesn’t stray too far from me. Even with the difficulty of having an hour long meeting, heating up my food, and needing to go to the toilet (the dogs weren’t allowed in wet areas), she did such a great job!

Have you ever taken your dog to work?

I’d love to know how it went!



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